Perpetua Senkoro,

Law student

Being Tanzanian by birth... In a society filled with dark skinned people... I've always been viewed differently due to my albinism.

Meet Perpetua Senkoro

Meet Perpetua Senkoro

Early life

My toughest times were during childhood especially in grade school. My low vision and skin colour brought me lots of hardship. I went to a school where most of the teaching was done through writing on the chalkboard. Most times even tests were written on the board. I couldn't attempt most of them because I couldn't see the questions. My notes were a mess, I couldn't copy them from the board. I had a friend who used to read for me but eventually she grew tired and detached herself. So I was practically a loner, let alone the name calling and teasing I had to endure all the way to school and back to my home... I remember hating school so much!

Dreams for the future

Anyway, thank God I endured. I never quit. I studied to university and now Im in my last fourth year semester of my Law degree. I'm no longer bothered by my condition. I dream of using my education to help other persons with albinism. I now love being me.

Perpetua Senkoro